Friday, September 04, 2015

A Brief History of Thomas County, Kansas and the Thomas County Courthouse


County Organized: October 8, 1885
Named After: General George Hentry Thomas, hero of the Battle of Chickamauga (Relatives of General Thomas were in Thomas County when the cornerstone box was opened on October 8th, 1985)
Townships: Named after the soldiers that died at the Battle of Chickamauga
Square Miles: Thomas County is 30x36 miles, making it 1,080 square miles
Education: Colby Community College - Started in 1963 by special Legislation.

3 Public Schools: Colby, Brewster, and Rexford.

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Heartland Christian School in Colby, and numerous home schooled families.
Medical: Citizens Medical Center built by donations and opened in 1982

Family Center for Health Care Clinic

Colby Medical & Surgical

Numerous chiropractors and dentists

Several physical therapy locations

2 Nursing Homes
Thomas County Courthouse: Built in 1906 with a $50,000 bond issue after the Commissioners "traveled" to Osborne County, Kansas to view the courthouse there. The courthouse is Romanesque style with lots of detailing in the limestone - note the front steps and sides. J.C. Holland was the architect; he designed the courthouses for Clay, Geary, Marion, Mitchell, Ness, Osborne, Rice, Riley, and Thomas counties.
National Historical Society: Placed there in 1976 by the County Commissioners and Historical Society
Problems: Kansas State Historical Society
Bell Tower & Clock: The clock was added a couple of years after the courthouse was completed, for a cost of $1,200, electrified in November of 1975 by Mr. Elton Lewis Howe of Washington, D.C.